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Work permits for foreign nationals

A new Procedure for issuance of work permit, with the accompanying templates, is in use. It was prepared by the Working Group consisting of representatives of the Federal Employment Institute, cantonal Services for Employment, Ministry of Security of BiH – Service for Foreigner’s Affairs, Federal Administration for Inspection Operations, and IFC – World Bank Group – Investment Generation Team.
Among other things, the procedure harmonizes the amount of administrative costs for the proceeding with work permit issuance in Cantonal Employment Services, reduces the number of documents required for decision making per request for employment of foreign national, identifies the deadlines for execution of particular actions in the proceedings, and provides the forms for issuance of work permit. It will improve the process in the sense of uniformity in proceeding and improvement of communication and coordination among authorities implementing the legislation that governs employment of foreign nationals, whereby, according to the preliminary cost-benefit analysis done by the IFC, adoption of the common Procedure will result in potential savings in direct and indirect costs for the business community in the amount of approximately 1,535,926 KM.

The starting date for application of the procedure is 6 June 2011.
We would hence like to refer you to the form for issuance of work permit (OZ 1) and the form for extension of work permit (OZ 2), which will need to be used in the future to submit the request.
The forms can be filed electronically or manually, and they need to be submitted (in one copy) along with the mandatory documents stated in the Procedure for issuance of work permit (item 6.2), in person or through an attorney, or by post to the competent Cantonal Service in line with the location of headquarters of the employer.






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